W H O L E S A L E   R T W

historical in outlook, from traditional British work wear to the prairie crossings of the USA,  D  R  E  SS  M  I  T  H  is handcrafted in England featuring pure, natural and timeless fabrics. our signature feature red stitching, heritage tab labels and tailors trims combine a purist approach to design with a certain modernity.


transeasonal in ethos,  D  R  E  SS  M  I  T  H  works with the new seasons of our global society and delivers a modern approach to ready-to-wear. 


de Lacey’s collections have sold at stores worldwide from  Selfridges, Harrods and Le Bon Marche to Maxfield LA, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Baycrew’s and Beams.


for enquiries about our wholesale collection, please contact us at jane@dressmith.com

D  R  E  SS  E  S    J A C K E T S    C O A T S    C O A T-L I N I N G S    S H I R T S   T R O U S E R S    S K I R T S    A L L-I N-O N E S    W O R K W E A R    A C C E SS O R I E S